2nd Half of Life: Growing Bolder October episodes

As your PBS station, it is KLRU’s mission to bring people together around important issues. KLRU does this through various educational and outreach initiatives. This year, KLRU will present 2nd Half of Life project. Created for one of the best-educated, healthiest, and most privileged generations in American history — the Boomers — the series aims to help people reinvent life after the age of 50. In the coming months, 2nd Half of Life presents episodes of Growing Bolder on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Upcoming episodes:

October 2 – “Risk Takers”
Marking a Big Birthday In Style – Tattoos are no longer taboo. They’ve gone mainstream in a big way and like just about everything else, the fastest-growing market segment is baby boomers. Come along as Andrea Kudlacz celebrates her 60th birthday. Tiger the Red-Faced Golfer – Tiger Woods’ messy love life has spawned 1,000 jokes and late-night skits. And musician Golf Brooks knows a good punchline when he sees one, so he’s composed his own tribute to the fender bender heard ’round the world. Brave Warrior: WWI Veteran’s Story – World War I was known as “The War To End All Wars.” It didn’t. As its veterans have died off, so has the memory of how costly a war it was. All in all, more than 70, 000,000 people served in uniform, of which a staggering one-half were either killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Fatalities were so high that the number of deaths averaged 230 for each hour of the four years the fighting lasted. Fly Like an Eagle…Indoors – What goes up must come down. That’s why you hesitate to try skydiving. But what if you could get a similar experience just a few feet off the floor? Step inside an indoor windtunnel where beginners and experts alike practice and experience freefall.

October 9 – “Dreams Come True”

Video Game Paradise – Otronicon attracts kids of all ages – and it turns out, some of the best video gamers are boomers! We take you inside a cutting-edge convention and put you in the driver’s seat. Romancing the Road – This is an unusual love story involving an 89-year-old woman and her beloved Chariot. The two have been together for decades and traveled more than 540,000 miles across this nation’s highways and side streets. Evans Fish Farm – The experts said it couldn’t be done. But recently, one pioneer had a major breakthrough that could spawn a whole new industry and an unprecedented opportunity for large scale production of the holy grail of aqua farming: caviar. Bill Booth: Adventures in the Air – He should be on everyone’s list of most incredible characters. Bill Booth is an inventor, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He’s built an amazing life around doing what he loves. Don’t take our word for it. Just watch this story. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before.

October 16 – “Passion For Living”
Hunter Kemper: Family Man – Hunter Kemper is the most decorated triathlete in US history and has his sights set on his 4th Olympics in 2012. But this time he’ll be competing for more than his country and himself. He reveals how the birth of his own child inspired him to make a difference in the lives of other children. Edison Inventor – He owned three business and had over 70 employees, yet he couldn’t understand why he was miserable. It’s a story about finding purpose in life. We’ll introduce you to a man who reinvented himself by becoming America’s most famous inventor. Jim Henson’s Legacy – Jim Henson’s untimely departure from this world left a huge hole in our hearts that has yet to be filled. It’s because his work also had a soul. His characters, creations, TV shows and films all had common elements of … decency! There was an undercurrent of optimism, of empathy and encouragement that permeated nearly every project he worked on.

October 23 – “American Spirit”
Age is Just a Number – Maybe one of the most famous “Growing Bolder” stories in the Olympics comes from Dara Torres. She was the first American swimmer to compete in five Olympics and the oldest female swimmer in the history of the Games. Now, her new book candidly reveals the challenge of going after a seemingly impossible dream. The Roots of Bluegrass – The newest craze in music is one of the oldest – bluegrass! Its true roots lie with the common folks, like Johnny Adams, who fell so in love with the mandolin that he now makes his own! Kazoo Rebuttal – When we heard that the residents of The Villages, Florida – one of the biggest retirement communities in the world – were planning to try and break a world record for the kazoo, we decided to document the day. We had fun, but it seems one person didn’t appreciate our coverage. So, we bring you the kazoo rebuttal – starting with a look at the story that got it all started. Tech Minute: Augmented Reality – You know those yellow first down lines you see on televised football games? It’s the perfect example of one of the hottest new tech trends – augmented reality. Joe Kittinger: Aviation Legend – In 1984, at the age of 56, fighter pilot, daredevil and American aviation hero Joseph P. Kittinger Jr. made aviation history when he became the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a balloon. Pick Up a Brush and Paint! – Who says you need training to be an artist? Earl Nash was completely self-taught and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Find out how you can discover your inner Picasso and put your own passion on the canvas.

October 30 – “Never Give Up”
I Will Never Give Up – Scot Weiss loves what he’s doing but admits it’s a daily struggle. Weiss left a promising career in finance to chase an American dream – inventing a product and starting a company. Now, he’s discovering the importance of belief and the power of persistence. How Did They Get That Photo? – In 40 years as a photojournalist, Red Huber covered some of the biggest news events of our time. Some of his most famous – and breathtaking – photos are his shots of space shuttle launches. How does he do it? Tech Minute: Tech Trends – Twitter, YouTube, GPS…all words many of us didn’t know five years ago, and now we use them on a daily basis! So what are the next tech trends? Time to take a look. Hurdling the Generation Gap – Brooks Johnson is a 76-year-old Hall of Fame track coach who has coached an athlete at every Olympics since 1968. David Oliver is a 28-year-old superstar destined to become the greatest high hurdler of all time. Together, Johnson and Oliver are rewriting the record books and proving the power of intergenerational relationships. The Voice of Duke Ellington’s Orchestra – Kay Davis auditioned on a dare, and the next thing she knew, she was the vocalist of one of the greatest bands of all time.