Why KLRU? $193,000 to go

If you were among the hundreds this weekend who donated to support our August pledge drive, Thank You! In total we raised $47,000 towards our goal of $240,000.  We are 17% through the drive, and we are 19% of the way to our goal. If you have yet to give, help us keep the momentum going by contributing to our fundraising effort.

Our #whyKLRU campaign is also picking up steam. We want to hear why you choose KLRU by logging on to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or the KLRU blog, to answer the question: Why KLRU? Here is a sample of some of the messages we received over the weekend:

Please take a moment to make a donation – any amount makes a difference! And also share your reason for choosing to watch and be involved with KLRU at our Facebook page, or on Twitter – using the hashtag #whyKLRU.

Thank you again for watching and supporting KLRU – and we look forward to hearing from you!