Spark: KLRU's Engaging Speaker Series

Spark, KLRU’s Engaging Speaker Series, is back and has a new home at the downtown Moody Theater. Exploring some of the most relevant questions of our time, Spark @ The Moody takes a thoughtful look at health care, politics, education and more. With a focus on innovative thinkers from Austin and beyond the series is more than just a presentation of concepts — it’s a search for real solutions in our community. Each event includes a lively dialogue with experts followed by an opportunity for audience questions. Get your Spark series subscription today

Topics for the speaker series include:

Where Does America Stand? America’s Role as Empire Republic
September 8 at 6:30 pm
The major events and challenges that will test America and the American President over the course of the next decade are many. Dr. George Friedman, CEO and founder of STRATFOR, takes geopolitical intelligence and forecasting to the next level and presents ideas from his most recent book The New York Times bestseller “The Next Decade: Where We’ve Been … and Where We’re Going,”

What Are The Costs? Increasing the Value of Healthcare
October 19 at 6:30 pm
As Americans continue to grapple with rising healthcare costs, professionals around the nation are exploring the most effective and efficient models of providing high quality healthcare at a lower cost to all. Dr. J. James Rohack, MD, Director of the Scott & White Center for Healthcare Policy, and Dr. William Sage, Provost at UT School of Law, discuss the emerging healthcare models in Texas and the nation.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Fostering Civility in Political Dialogue
November 14 at 6:30 pm
In a world of fragmented media with a thousand choices for news, information and opinion, citizens can now chose to see, hear and read only what supports their position. Mark McKinnon from Public Strategies, Matthew Dowd from Vianovo, Inc., and William Galston from the University of Maryland, discuss how to foster civility among Americans when political polarization is the norm.

Can Women Change Politics? The Life and Politics of Ann Richards
January 31 at 6:30 pm
Texas Governor, mother and larger-than-life personality, Ann Richards had a lasting impact on the nation’s political landscape. Actress Holland Taylor, University of Texas Documentarian Paul Stekler, and Dallas Morning News Reporter Wayne Slater share their experiences portraying, documenting and covering Ann Richards throughout her life.

How Do You Get To Sesame Street? Education in America
April 24 at 6:30 pm
For more than forty years, Sesame Street continues to stand out as the most thoroughly developed and researched preschool television program. Beyond television, the Sesame Street Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms and develops initiatives to help children and families gain critical skills and build emotional strength. Gary E. Knell, President and CEO of the Sesame Workshop, will the share how Sesame Street keeps evolving to meet the needs of today’s child.

Buy a Series Subscription and save! Two series options are available. The Full Series option features tickets to all six Spark @ The Moody events with priority seating. The Create Your Own Series option allows you to pick three events. Tickets to individual events will go on sale August 29th.