KLRU-Q movie documentary night

On Monday, June 27th, KLRU-Q features a night of documentaries about the film. From classic films to B-movies, these documentaries give viewers an inside look at Hollywood.

8 pm – Anatomy ’59: The Making of a Classic Motion Picture – Explores the crime, the trial and book that inspired the courtroom thriller “Anatomy of a Murder.”

9 pm – Hollywood Scrapbook – A look at producer Eric G. Stacey and the evolution of moral and sexual themes in films of his time. He worked with legendary directors such as Victor Flemming, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Curtiz, Frank Capra, Raoul Walsh, Nicholas Ray, Elia Kazan and George Stevens.

10 pm – Drive-In Movie Memories – Film historians and B-movie actors add context to clips from classic drive-in movies of all genres.