KLRU adds Vme to digital broadcast channels

Austin, Texas — KLRU-TV, Austin PBS, announces the addition of a new digital channel, Vme, the first national Spanish-language television network presented by public television stations, which began airing earlier this month. This new alternative to traditional Spanish television is now available to over-the-air viewers on 18.4.

Vme (pronounced veh-meh) is designed for U.S. Latinos seeking greater variety in Spanish-language programs. Its name is taken from the Spanish word veme, which means “see me.” Its programs promise to entertain, educate and inspire families in Spanish with a contemporary mix of original productions, exclusive premieres and popular public television programs. The Vme schedule is available online at klru.org/schedule

“We’re excited to offer this new channel to the Austin area,” said Bill Stotesbery, KLRU CEO and General Manager. “The Vme service helps us provide a true alternative to the Spanish language commercial networks that is reflective of the KLRU mission to educate, entertain and inspire Central Texas.”

Over-the-air viewers (those viewers who do not have cable or satellite service) who wish to access the Vme channel should re-scan their DTV sets or converter boxes in order to receive this and other new digital channels. KLRU is working with local cable providers to add the channel to their lineups. Please see klru.org for updates.

Vme joins KLRU’s other broadcast channels. KLRU on 18.1 features PBS and local programming. KLRU Create on 18.2 focuses on “do-it-yourself” programs on cooking, travel, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvement and other lifestyle interests. KLRU-Q on 18.3 featuring entertaining and inspiring shows about history, music, science, nature, food and more. Q, which airs on 18-3, is structured in ‘blocks’ of programming throughout the day, with genres chosen specifically for the Austin audience. These channels are also available to Grande and Time Warner digital cable subscribers.

KLRU-TV, Austin PBS, reflects, celebrates and inspires Central Texas through creative excellence, community engagement and lifelong learning. In addition to providing locally produced and quality national television programming, KLRU is also a non-profit organization helping to build a stronger community through educational workshops, community engagement projects and public events. Known as the producing station of the longest-running live music television show AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, KLRU has also worked on several other national productions including the documentaries CITIZEN ARCHITECT and LAST BEST HOPE. The station also produces local shows including OVERHEARD WITH EVAN SMITH, CENTRAL TEXAS GARDENER and ARTS IN CONTEXT. Get more information about KLRU at klru.org.