KLRU-Q: Life On Mars

The BBC series Life on Mars debuts on KLRU-Q Saturday, January 22nd. Life on Mars will air at 9 p.m. each Saturday. The show will air on KLRU at 11 p.m. Sundays starting January 23rd.

Smart, savvy, sharp-suited detective Sam has his world turned upside down when the hunt for a cold-blooded murderer becomes a desperate rescue mission for his own girlfriend and fellow cop Maya. After a near-fatal car accident, Sam is mysteriously transported back to 1973 – only four years after he was born. Confused by his new and outdated surroundings, Sam impatiently tries to return to the present. But the police force of long ago needs his help, not least in solving a parallel crime. Can Sam overcome their rough and ready ways and maddening lack of forensic technology? Will he be able to get back to the present day and find Maya? Has Sam gone crazy? Is he in a coma? Or has he really traveled back in time?

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