KLRU remembers Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke – longtime US diplomat, peace envoy, and key US government voice in Afghanistan and Pakistan – died over the weekend at the age of 69.  He was one of the first people Evan Smith interviewed for television, way back in 2003, during the first season of KLRU-TV’s TEXAS MONTHLY TALKS.  Evan was new to TV, and this show was new to KLRU.  But the idea of taping a half-hour interview with someone of Holbrooke’s stature was a thrill, and encouraged everyone involved with TEXAS MONTHLY TALKS to imagine big things ahead.

I won’t go into Holbrooke’s full biography or resume here; many others have done that job very well in the past days.  But we will post our interview with Holbrooke here .  It aired in May of 2003, and he spoke about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the world’s view of the US, his early career during the Vietnam War.  It was a great interview then, and it’s a great one now – more than seven years later, and not far into the first run of the new successor to that original show.

by Lynn Boswell

Producer, Overheard with Evan Smith