Monday live in the studio

KLRU’s December fundraising drive is off to a great start! We appreciate everyone who has supported KLRU so far, especially during last night’s Antiques Roadshow. As a thank you we offered tickets to the January Appraisal Fair and it was wonderful to hear the phones ringing off the hooks as folks from all around Austin snapped up tickets. It’s not to late to secure your spot, donate to support Antiques Roadshow before the end of our fundraising period because this is an event you won’t want to miss.

During our live breaks KLRU staff and professors from St. Edwards helped answer the calls. They looked extra snazzy in new phone headsets the make it easier to interact with callers. We discovered one downside of the headsets though, it’s hard for the director to tell who is one the phone!

Tonight on KLRU we are pledging live in the studio for Newshour at 6pm, followed by Michael Pollan’s Botony of Desire at 7pm. We’ll have some special thank you gifts, including tickets to see Michael Pollan in person. We’ll also be joined by some fabulous Central Texas Gardener fans and garden bloggers. Don’t forget, everyone who donates now until December 12th is eligible to win an iPad.