Technical Difficulties: Secondary Audio Program

When available, KLRU offers alternative audio services via the SAP service. SAP stands for Second Audio Program and it allows broadcasters to add another channel of audio to the programs we air.  KLRU uses SAP to broadcast both DVS (descriptive video service) for people who are visually impaired and Spanish-language audio.

Only about 30 percent of programs have the SAP/DVS feature. Some have only Spanish, some have DVS and some have both. SAP is a stereo service, a right and a left audio channel, with DVS carried in one channel and Spanish in the other. Currently, if a program has only Spanish or only DVS, that program’s SAP is correct. But when both Spanish and DVS are present on a program, the SAP is playing both at the same time making it so that viewers cannot get the audio content they need.

Fixing the problem is a technically complex issue which many other television stations have addressed by simply not offering the service.  That is not KLRU’s plan.  We are working to find a solution that will allow us to serve our viewers who’s primary language is Spanish and those who need the descriptive video service.