New Britcom starts Saturday

KLRU adds After You’ve Gone to our Britcom lineup Saturday, August 13. For this special evening author and comedian Owen Egerton will be joining KLRU staff in the studio.

Jack-of-all-trades Jimmy Venables is probably the only man in Britain who gets divorced and ends up with his mother-in-law. That’s not how he planned it, but since when does life go according to plan? When his ex-wife volunteers to go to East Africa to help the victims of a natural disaster, weekend-dad Jimmy agrees to take care of their two teenage kids full-time in an attempt to win her back. Unfortunately, his posh mother-in-law Diana sees Jimmy as the true natural disaster and virtually moves in herself to keep order, keep an eye on things and undermine Jimmy whenever possible. Starring Nicholas Lyndhurst (Only Fools and Horses, Goodnight Sweetheart), Celia Imrie (Nanny McPhee, Mr Harvey Lights a Candle) .