Membership drive update

KLRU is off to a great start, but the need for resources remains.  In the last four days, our community has given $81,000 towards our goal of $240,000.  We have 13 days to go.  Give your gift now to help us reach our goal and return to uninterrupted programming early.

Last night was a great example of how KLRU is changing the way we think about on-air fundraising.  We pledged ANTIQUES ROADSHOW live in our studios at its regular time.  Instead of offering expensive thank you gifts, KLRU offered tickets to an event that brings the community together.  By giving $120 in support of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, you can receive 2 tickets to the KLRU Antiques Appraisal Fair in January. You’ll be entitled to bring up to three items to the event to have them appraised by local antiques experts. Help us continue to provide great content like ANTIQUES ROADSHOW by giving a gift now at this link.

A total of 80% of our funding comes from right here in Central Texas, at an average gift amount of $80.  Our ability to provide you the highest quality PBS programming, local productions, one-of-a kind events and outreach activities depends on you.  We help you explore your world, and your support makes that exploration available to everyone.

Thank you for supporting and watching KLRU!