The Experiment Continues, but the Need for Resources Remains

KLRU-TV, Austin PBS needs to raise $240,000 in the next 17 days.  If we reach our goal early, we’ll return to uninterrupted programming immediately.

As you know KLRU has experimented this year with ways to reduce our need to raise money via pledge.  In recent years we’ve reduced on-air pledge from 86 days to just 49 days so far this year.  In June, we tested pledging our regular schedule on five-consecutive nights, while highlighted groups doing good work in our community.  We stopped fundraising after 11pm on weeknights, so that Charlie Rose airs at its regular time.  During our March drive, we reduced the number of pledge interruptions by 20%, while investing new resources to raise money online.  Finally we reduced the use of expensive thank you gifts by offering tickets to events that fulfill our mission, while showing you our appreciation.

Next year, we plan to cut back on pledge as never before. However, the need for resources remains.  A total of 80% of our funding comes from right here in Central Texas, at an average gift amount of $80.  Our ability to provide you the highest quality PBS programming, local productions, one-of-a kind events and outreach activities depends on you.  We help you explore your world, and your support makes that exploration available to everyone.

Thank you for supporting and watching KLRU!