Tuesday Live on KLRU

The theme Tuesday night in studio 6B was exploration. Brought together by a heated debate over Pluto and the zeros and ones of the digital frontier, fans of science and media gathered together to support Austin’s PBS station

While members of the Austin Planetarium (@austinplanet) answered phones during NOVA program The Pluto Files, executive director Torval Hessel explained to viewers that the argument over Pluto was not a new one. In fact a book on astronomy published more than 100 years ago numbers 450 planets in our solar system, including Pluto. Mr. Hessel spoke earlier in the day to the host of NOVA, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson about Pluto. Listen to their conversation about angry letters from 4th graders, Neil’s first encounters with the night sky, and his thoughts on why Austin needs a planetarium.

The Austin Social Media Club (@SMCAustin) tweeted, blogged and updated their support throughout Frontline: Digital Nation. Co-founders David J Neff and Mike Chapman explained in interviews that social media is a two way conversation. If you’re just starting out try to just listen for awhile, it’ll be easier to understand the conversations taking place and your participation with have more value.

If you’d like to explore the summer sky through a telescope check out the free Austin under the Stars event, more information at Austin Planetarium’s website.

The Austin Social Media Club invites you to attend their next meeting and learn about the latest trends in social media with like minded folks. Check the events calendar at their facebook group.

A big thanks to everyone who supported NOVA and Frontline in their regular Tuesday time slots.