Monday Live on KLRU

On Monday night, members of the community joined staff live in the studio to help fundraise for KLRU. It was a great kickoff to this week of live television breaks during the regular primetime lineup.

Throughout Antiques Roadshow Austin appraisers gave two lucky KLRU fans a professional examination of their jewelry. Rebekkah Kwast brought in watches that had belonged to her grandmother. After Ralph Mothnar gave a closer look at one of the pieces, a gold watch he discovered to still be in working condition, he determined the value to be around $300.

Elizabeth Chapman’s antique ring proved to be a big surprise. She knew the piece was from her grandmother, a Mardi Gras queen in New Orleans, but was thrilled when Sarah Williams valued the Victorian era ring at more than $3000.

During American Experience we were joined for an interview with Sebastian Puente CEO, Cultural Strategies. Along with his insights on Austin’s Mexican American community he shared a touching story about watching A Class Apart together with his daughter and the important discussion on culture and history that followed.

Thank you to the phone volunteers and guests that made the evening very engaging. Our appraisers were Ralph Mothnar 512-797-1026 and Sarah Williams 512-452-6641.