KLRU Tries Something Different

Instead of interrupting your regular schedule to fundraise for KLRU-TV, Austin PBS, we’ve decided to stick to our normal program lineup and TRUST YOU to support your PBS station.

We often hear from our viewers, “Why don’t you air the shows I depend on all year long during the fundraising drive…I’d like to pledge my support for them?” Well, now is your chance. This week (Monday, June 7 through Friday, June 11) we’re reaching to achieve an aggressive June fundraising goal, but we’ve set aside the traditional pledge programs to bring you a lineup of PBS Newshour, Antiques RoadShow, American Experience, Nova, Frontline, and more. We only ask that you support KLRU. We also have some great thank you gifts, plus every online supporter this week will receive a new KLRU water bottle.

In addition to your favorite PBS programming, members of the community will be joining us to show their support this week. We hope you’ll tune in to see your friends and neighbors live in our studio. It is truly a community effort running Austin’s only locally owned and operated TV station and we thank everyone for their help!