Juneteenth Parade airs 6/19 on Q

KLRU is proudly partnering with channelAustin to bring you live coverage of the Austin Juneteenth Parade on Saturday, June 19, from 10:30 a.m. to noon on KLRU-Q. In years past, only Time Warner subscribers were able to view the parade but now we are excited to bring it to viewers in the entire KLRU broadcast radius. The parade will be hosted by Natomi Austin and Gregory Harrington.

One point of interest about the parade you are about to see is that the video production is staffed mostly with local youths who are practicing as you read this! Teenagers from the African-American Men and Boys Harvest Foundation and Skillpoint Alliance are participating in a week-long media training camp in preparation. The live production of the parade is the culmination of the educational camp for the students.

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