Host a Food, Inc. Potluck Party

On Wednesday, April 21, KLRU and PBS will broadcast “Food, Inc” as part of the documentary series P.O.V. This Oscar-nominated film discuss what we eat, how it’s produced and where we should go from here.

Invite your friends and family to have a pot luck dinner, watch the film together and discuss the issues. P.O.V. Has put together a Potluck Party Kit and checklist to help you plan your event. The site also features recipes for appetizers, entrees, salads, sides and desserts

P.O.V. will be giving away some prizes to people who sign up on their web site and commit to hosting a party. Enter here

Even if you don’t plan a Potluck Party, be sure to watch this enlightening documentary on April 21 at 8 p.m. on KLRU.