A look inside the AHS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab

On Wednesday we told you about KLRU’s partnership with NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and shared one of their packages. I had the opportunity to visit these students and mentors in action, here’s my report. – Sara

My first impression of the Austin High School media studio was jealousy. Large screen Macs lined the walls and around the corner I spotted edit suites, a voice-over booth, control room and even a news set. Gil Garcia, Digital Filmmaking Instructor at AHS, told me much of the equipment is part of the schools Career and Technical Education program. Kids involved with CTE can receive certification in different areas of television production, such as Final Cut Pro.

The students participating in the Student Reporting Lab won’t get graded on their work however, this is currently an extracurricular activity that takes place during their lunch hour. Mentors Lynn Boswell, producer of KLRU’s Texas Monthly Talks, and  Erika Aguilar, KUT reporter, volunteer on their own time to help these kids and today they even provided pizza. Over the short lunch period I observed Lynn and Erika work with the students on choosing sound bites, story angles and the importance of logging interviews. It was energizing to see the collaboration between the news pros and news newbies and the kids really seemed to appreciate the guidance. One thing is for sure, as the production process of reporting changes nothing will replace helpful advice from a mentor.

Videography by Sara Robertson & Eve Tarlo. Editing by Eve Tarlo.

Sara Robertson is the Director of On-Air Marketing at KLRU and in her day used S-VHS and Video Toaster to produce high school morning announcements.