Economic resources

Thanks to everyone who attended the February 25th, Live United Film Series on the economy. We’ll be posting photos and video of the event soon.

For those who missed the screening or who would like to see the film again, you can watch Frontline “Inside the Meltdown” here. You can also get time lines and other resources featured in the film here

We’ve gathered together a few other resources on the economy and personal finance from various Public Broadcasting sources to help both people who attended the Live United Screening and those who were unable to be at the event.

Nightly Business Report How the Economy Works blog posts by Terri Cullen

Nightly Business Report blog posts on personal finance by Jeff Brown

An economic lesson from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, hiding inside a whimsical animation by TPT’s David Gillette

NewsHour business correspondent Paul Solmon takes questions about business and economic news

The story of a 20-year-old who just bought her first house (she started saving when she was 15).

Marketplace helps listeners understand financial terms that in many cases were obscure just a few months ago but are now part of the common lexicon of the financial crisis

Teens name the movies that remind them of the current economic crisis in this video from Marketplace and Youth Radio

Hear what a group of kids had to say to Marketplace’s Scott Jagow about money, the economy and the future