Support KLRU TV and Beyond

Our December Fundraising Drive is off to a strong start, but this is a crucial weekend, and you can help take us over the top.  In the past 7 days, KLRU has raised $105,848 towards our December goal of $230,000.  Only 10 days remain to shore up funding for the PBS programs you depend on and services that go Beyond TV to enrich the lives of our entire community.

With your support, KLRU will continue to provide you trusted news with THE PBS NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE and TEXAS MONTHLY TALKS; engaging education with NOVA, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and NATURE; and entertainment that enriches your life with GREAT PERFORMANCES, MASTERPIECE and AUSTIN CITY LIMITS.

We’ll also bring you experiences that push beyond the boundaries of TV with education initiatives like READY TO LEARN and TEACHERLINE and community forums that spark debate like the KLRU COMMUNITY SCREENING SERIES and the KLRU COMMUNITY TOWNHALL SERIES.

Thank you for supporting and watching KLRU.  Together we will turn your support into television and services that help everyone in Central Texas explore both their community and world.


Bill Stotesbery
President & CEO