Review: Masterpiece "Collision"

Masterpiece “Collision”

Watch online:
Episode 1 (available until December 22)
Episode 2 (available until December 22)

Collision is an action packed drama about how people’s lives become connected after a multi-vehicle highway accident.  The story unfolds with the accident in the beginning and then goes back to take a look at
the lives of those involved.  Each time they flashback to a different character you learn a little bit more about what was going on in their lives before the accident.  With an element of mystery and intrigue the directors keep you wanting to know more and guessing about what really lead up to the accident. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I watched and am looking forward to finding our more about the characters and their lives. 

— Allison Laymon

About the reviewer: Allison Laymon has been with KLRU in the Accounting Department for five years.  When she is not crunching numbers, she enjoys spending time with her family and remembers watching Masterpiece Theatre “Upstairs Downstairs” with her parents many moons ago. She hopes to instill the love of watching public television with her kids for many years to come.