KLRU Community Screenings: Local Productions 10/20

KLRU Community Screenings presents a night with the producers on Tuesday, October 20. Producers and hosts from KLRU’s award-winning local productions Texas Monthly Talks and Central Texas Gardener will preview the new seasons of their shows, answer questions about what it takes to make each show and talk about their favorite moments. KLRU will also present clips from a new local show called Austin Daytripper and let attendees tour the Central Texas Gardener set. The free screening starts at 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. and Q&A will immediately follow the screening.

Please RSVP here by noon October 20.

KLRU Community Screenings made possible with support from Austin Community College.

Highlights 10/4 to 10/10

Discern for yourself where the blurred line between fact and fiction belongs this Sunday at 7 p.m. on Nature as experts sift out the truth from tall tales of giant man-eating crocodiles.

Literary whimsy becomes murderous reality with the death of a Czech barmaid on Masterpiece Mystery! Sunday at 8 p.m. To find the killer, Lewis and Hathaway must uncover the connections between the victim, an Oxford professor, a literary society, and a book by Oxford’s hottest new author. more