Highlights 9/13 to 9/19

Nature at 7 p.m. Sunday documents the return of the grizzly as a conservation success story that comes with a price.

Inspector Lewis investigates a serial killer who seems to be targeting a religious group and begins to question his trust of Hathaway on Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Could the large rusty rocks beachcombers found on the Oregon Coast actually be cannons from the 1846 shipwreck of the USS Shark? Tune into History Detectives Monday at 8 p.m. to find out.

Note By Note at 9 p.m. Monday follows the creation of a Steinway concert grand piano—from the Alaska forest to the concert hall. Explore the relationship between musician and instrument, view the manufacturing process, and see what makes each piano unique in this age of mass production.

Acclaimed chef, author and television personality Jacques Pepin and violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman explore the nature of creativity at the intersection of the culinary and non-culinary arts as they plan, present, and share a meal comprised of their favorite dishes on Artist’s Table at 10 p.m. Monday and 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Tag along on a unique field expedition to Alaska’s North Slope to defrost a jackpot of new fossil clues and discover how dinosaurs survived in this polar region on Nova at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Retirement Revolution at 8 p.m. Tuesday has a new mission: help older citizens do better with a bit less and navigate tougher financial waters with determination and good cheer. Listen to experts analyze the financial problems of retirement and demonstrate ways to richer, healthier retirement years.

POV Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. tells two stories: a dramatic portrait of the challenges facing America’s public schools, and the great difference a dedicated principal can make.

PBS Previews: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday presents a preview of the new Ken Burns documentary series; the story of an idea that the most special places in the nation should be preserved, not for royalty or the rich, but for everyone.

My Music presents its first “Big Band” music retrospective Wednesday at 7 p.m. featuring the biggest songs that got us through World War II and kick-started the baby boom with brassy legends. Big Band Years has compiled vintage live, rare, and unreleased footage from the Big Band days.

Sarah McLachlan graces the Austin City Limits stage in support of her greatest hits set, Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan. British rising star Duffy follows with grooving pop soul at 10 p.m. Wednesday and 9 p.m. Friday.

Hear Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton talk about his younger days leading up to his success on the big screen and his new CD coming out next week on Texas Monthly Talks 7 p.m. Thursday and 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Downtown on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. showcases the new Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin’s long, proud Latino heritage, and the art of tattoos and why they are so popular.

Inside at 8 p.m. Thursday takes viewers behind the scenes at one of the busiest airports in the world – Miami International.

Originally from Maine, and now a resident of Austin, Texas, Patty Griffin has had a tremendous influence across all genres of music. Hear her perform on Live From the Artists Den on Thursday at 9 p.m.

Saturday at 7 p.m., John Mayer makes his triumphant return to Austin City Limits on the heels of his tour for his Grammy-winning album, Continuum.