Cyberchase comes to Austin

Join forces with the CyberSquad, Matt, Inez, Jackie and Digit, in their quest to save Cyberspace as they zoom into Cyberchase – The Chase Is On!, an out-of-this-world, educational exhibit coming to Austin Children’s Museum starting September 19.

Based on the award-winning PBS KIDS GO! math mystery cartoon Cyberchase (airing Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m.), the exhibit presents math in a fun, kid-friendly environment, allowing children to make use of their critical thinking skills and approach math with an investigative, positive attitude.

In Cyberchase, children will enter Cyberspace through a special portal to explore favorite cybersites, including the Control Central, the Grim Wreaker and Poddleville. They will help the CyberSquad protect the virtual universe from the villainous Hacker while exploring math concepts such as place value, algebra, geometry, fractions and probability. Get more details about the exhibit

The exhibit will be in Austin until January 2010. Find more information about the Austin Children’s Museum web site at