Highlights 8/23 to 8/29

Kevin Whately returns as Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis in the spin-off to the popular Inspector Morse series on Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday.

History Detectives at 8 p.m. Monday travel to Austin to discover if a balloon fragment is a piece of Japanese balloon that floated across the Pacific Ocean in 1945 as a balloon bomb.

American Masters at 9 p.m. Monday focuses not just on Nat King Cole’s celebrity, but on the civil rights movement and how this performer uniquely broke through major racial barriers in the entertainment industry.

Astronomers are closing in on the proof they’ve sought for years that one of the most destructive objects in the universe might be in the center of our own galaxy on Nova at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Nova ScienceNow at 8 p.m. Tuesday looks at a repair mission for the Hubble space telescope, as astronauts try to fix crucial equipment that was not designed to be repaired in orbit.

P.O.V.’s “This Way Up” at 9 p.m. Tuesday focuses on the security wall being constructed by Israel on the West Bank has divided Palestinian families and communities.

Great Performances at 7 p.m. Wednesday features “Harlem in Montmartre” which tells the story of the jazz age in Paris between the first and second World Wars.

Wide Angle at 9 p.m. Wednesday takes a penetrating look at the mysterious goings-on in Equatorial Guinea and a failed coup attempt there.

British songwriting legend Nick Lowe surveys his 30-plus year catalog with classics and new tunes. Oscar-winning Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, aka the Swell Season, perform cuts from the soundtrack of their movie Once on Austin City Limits at 10 p.m. Wednesday and 9 p.m. Friday.

Journalist and author Carl Hiaasen discusses his career with Evan Smith on Texas Monthly Talks at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Inside at 8 p.m. Thursday follows the team of more than 120 cast, crew and creatives as they puzzle over how to make Middle Earth – a fictional world of kingdoms, mountain ranges and enchanted forests – come alive on a London stage.

Influential superstars R.E.M. take the stage in support of their latest acclaimed record, Accelerate, on Austin City Limits at 7 p.m. Saturday.