Be part of the equation: Support KLRU this weekend

Tonight we enter the final weekend of KLRU’s summer pledge drive.  Over the last 14 days we’ve raised more than $186,000 towards purchasing the quality programs you value and count on.  To reach our goal, KLRU must raise $54,000 in the next 3 days.  Put another way – KLRU needs YOU and 539 other special people to step forward and give a gift of $100. Make your donation now at

KLRU spends $75 for each hour of the more than 20,000 hours of programming we air each year.  Ask yourself, how many hours of PBS programs have you enjoyed on KLRU in the past year?  How many hours will you watch in the year to come?  Make your special commitment to public television in your community with your gift now.

Thank you for watching and supporting KLRU!
Bill Stotesbery
KLRU President & CEO