PBS blog for tweens

This month the PBS KIDS GO! site, It’s My Life launched a blog for tweens at http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/blog/ The blog is the latest addition to this safe and engaging destination that tackles tough issues that adolescents face in school, at home and in popular media. The blog’s age-appropriate articles cover everyday issues facing tweens,such as online bullying and going green, as well as discuss pop culture news and book reviews.

The site includes an Educators section with lesson plans that focus on bullies, drug abuse, eating disorders, being home alone, making money, smoking, sports and participation. Also be sure to check out the School channel that addresses topics on time management, transitioning to middle school and high school, cheating, surviving embarrassing moments, relating to a teacher, and dealing with test stress.

Schedule Change 7/22

KLRU will not be showing tonight’s episode of Time Team America to bring live coverage of President Obama’s news conference at 7 p.m. You can also watch the conference online through the below player. Time Team America will air next Wednesday at 7 p.m.

President Obama’s News Conference from NPR News and The NewsHour

Video Coverage Courtesy of: The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Economist attempts to end hunger in Ethiopia

Program: Wide Angle “The Market Maker”
Time: 9 p.m.
Date: Wednesday, July 22
Visit the Wide Angle episode web site at pbs.org

Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a woman with a dream. The charismatic Ethiopian economist wants to end hunger in her famine-plagued country. But rather than relying on foreign aid or new agricultural technology, hers is a truly radical plan: she designed the nation’s first commodities exchange, which she hopes will revolutionize an age-old market system whose inefficiencies have been partly responsible for the country’s persistent food shortages. In April 2008, after more than a decade of planning, the starting bell first rang on the trading floor. Gabre-Madhin has been running frantically ever since. Having established a system of trading sites in rural villages, she is trying to maintain the machinery that keeps her country fed while facing daunting obstacles ranging from leaky warehouses to powerful special interests to antiquated farming practices, poor infrastructure, and an unpredictable climate. And that’s not to mention a global economic crisis. Wide Angle travels to East Africa for this documentary, hosted by anchor Aaron Brown, to tell the dramatic, intimate story of a woman on a mission – and a world of trouble standing in her way.

P.O.V. presents Academy Award nominated film

Program: P.O.V. “The Betryal”
Time: 9 p.m.
Date: Tuesday, July 21
Trailer and behind-the-scenes information on pbs.org/pov

The costs of contemporary war have rarely been captured with as much intimacy, poetry and sense of history as they are in The Betrayal (Nerakhoon). Nominated this year for the Academy Award® for Best Documentary, the film marks the directorial debut of Ellen Kuras, an award-winning cinematographer whose credits include Michel Gondry’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” Ted Demme’s “Blow,” Spike Lee’s “4 Little Girls” and “Summer of Sam” and Harold Ramis’s “Analyze That.”

At the heart of the making of The Betrayal is a unique, 23-year collaboration with Thavisouk (“Thavi”) Phrasavath, a young Laotian refugee the director met when seeking language lessons while filming another project in 1984. The lessons soon turned into long conversations about Lao culture and philosophy, the country’s recent tragic history and the story of Thavi’s own tortured trip from Laos to Brooklyn — from being a 12-year-old hero-worshipping son of a Royal Lao officer to a beleaguered son and brother trying to keep his fatherless family together on America’s gang-ridden streets. It’s a story rich in ancient Lao lore and sensibility, seen through the fractured glass of geo-political violence and scrambled again by the realities of America’s poor inner city.

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Family Choice on July 19

KLRU Family Choice
Sunday, July 19, at 4 p.m.
Family Choice web site at klru.org/familychoice

KLRU has great programs for kids and great programs for adults, but it’s not easy to find programs that all family members can enjoy together. Each month, KLRU identifies a Family Choice program from our schedule that will interest and engage family members, ages 7 and up.

This month, KLRU features Peace: The Handraised Polar Bear. On December 2, 1999, a polar bear named Peace was born at Japan’s Tobe Zoological Park. After his mother rejected the cub, zoo keeper Atsuhiro Takaichi took on the task of parenting and subsequently succeeded in hand-raising a polar bear for the first time ever in Japan and just the third time in the world. Peace: The Handraised Polar Bear chronicles five years in the life of the young cub and the caring zoo keeper.

Highlights July 19 to 25

Miss Marple is asked to help her old friend, who has been slowly poisoned by an unknown hand on Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday.

The History Detectives at 8 p.m. Monday take a look at Tokyo Rose recordings, Crazy Horse photo and more.

Make Em Laugh tonight at 9 p.m. Monday features “Wiseguys and Smart-Alecks” like Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Paul Lynde, Joan Rivers, Redd Foxx and more followed by “Groundbreakers” like Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and George Carlin at 10 p.m.

Converter Box Coupons

Eligible households may continue to apply or re-apply for TV converter box coupons. Applications for coupons are accepted online, by phone at 1-888-388-2009 (1-888-DTV-2009), by mail and by fax. Mailed applications must be post-marked no later than July 31, 2009. Online, phone and fax applications must be submitted by 12 midnight Eastern Time on July 31. It typically takes nine business days to process and mail coupons. Consumers who have applied for coupons, but not yet received them, may check the status of their request on www.DTV2009.gov by selecting Check Your Application Status.

Technical issues on Grande

For the last week KLRU has had many calls and emails from Grande Communications customers about audio problems on their Channel 9. Grande is using a downconverted version of KLRU-HD and the device they are using is switching the primary and secondary audio streams. The result is either no audio or DVI/SAP audio on the main audio channel. Grande technical staff is working on the problem, but KLRU can’t be sure when it will be fixed. If you experience this problem, please contact Grande at http://www.grandecom.com/contact_us/