Ken Burns seeks Dust Bowl stories

Filmmaker Ken Burns is seeking stories for his upcoming film “The Dust Bowl.” Burns writes “… Like our earlier films on World War II, Jazz, Baseball, and The Civil War, we think the Dust Bowl is an important event in all of American history. We’re in the early stages of our research, but we know that Oklahoma will be a major part of the Dust Bowl story we want to tell. We’re looking for first-person stories of Oklahomans who lived through those hard, hard times, especially out in the Panhandle, where the Dust Bowl was the worst. We hope to find people who can share their experiences with us – or their photographs, diaries, or home movies from the 1930s, to help us tell this important story.”

If you have or know of a person who has a dust bowl story to share,

call: the Oklahoma PBS station OETA at 1-800-846-7665
or writing to:
OETA Dustbowl Stories
P.O. Box 14190
Oklahoma City, OK 73113