KLRU Q starts July 1

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KLRU announces a new channel featuring entertaining and inspiring shows about history, music, science, nature, food and more. The channel called Q will begin broadcasting Wednesday, July 1. Q will feature ‘blocks’ of programming throughout the day, with genres chosen specifically for the Austin audience. The channel will be available over the air on 18-3. KLRU also broadcasts its core PBS programming on 18-1 and KLRU Create on 18-2 featuring how to, do-it-yourself and crafting shows.  Schedules for all channels are available on KLRU’s Web site at klru.org/schedule.

“One of the great things about the switch to all digital broadcasting is our ability to deliver more programming to Austin viewers, and we have designed KLRU-Q to be diverse, informative, entertaining, and fun., We are really excited to be able to bring a new channel to our Central Texas viewers that features a different lineup from KLRU but with the same quality of programs you’ve come to rely on,” said Bill Stotesbery, general manager of KLRU. “Some of the programming will be familiar and some will only be available on KLRU-Q, but it will all have the same high quality long associated with PBS.”

The daily block schedule is include on the graphic (just click to enlarge it).  For example every day at 11 p.m. you can tune to Q and find a music program like Austin City Limits or an American Masters documentary on a music legend or every Thursday at 8 p.m. you can watch Q to find a program on the theme of Sailors, Soldiers and Spies like Battlefield Britain, M15 or Carrier. Other Monday to Friday highlights of this channel are the morning and afternoon tea Britcom blocks at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; the talk show block featuring encores of Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley at noon; the Newshour at 7 p.m.; and the morning and afternoon stretch with some of your favorite PBS fitness programs at 6 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Highlights 6/28 to 7/4

Nature at 7 p.m. Sunday explores the world of cephalopods (squid and octopus) as viewers follow a cameraman into the abyss and share his adventures with the planet’s most cryptic and clever monsters.

David Suchet returns to his signature role as suave Belgian supersleuth Hercule Poirot in a new mystery based on the novels by Agatha Christie on Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Highlights 6/21 to 6/27

Nature at 7 p.m. Sunday presents new examples of animal/human conflicts based on the highly popular film from 2000, “Animals Behaving Badly.”

David Suchet returns to his signature role as suave Belgian supersleuth Hercule Poirot in a new mystery based on the novels by Agatha Christie on Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Six by Agatha

Program: Masterpiece Mystery “Six by Agatha”
Date: Premieres Sunday, June 21
Time: 8 p.m.
Hosted by Alan Cumming
Watch a preview on pbs.org

With grey cells firing and knitting needles clicking, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple make their triumphant return to PBS in “Six by Agatha,” a half dozen whodunits by the greatest mystery author of all time. David Suchet (Henry VIII, The Way We Live Now) reprises his signature role of the Belgian private eye who cracks cases with the help of his “little grey cells,” and award-winning actress Julia McKenzie (Cranford) debuts as the newest grandmotherly sleuth.

Juneteenth Jamboree

Program: Juneteenth Jamboree 2008 and 2009 back-to-back
Date: Thursday, June 18
Time: starting at 8 p.m.

The first African slave arrived in Texas in 1528, but it took until June 19, 1865 to end slavery in Texas and the United States. The anniversary of that day is celebrated as a holiday– Juneteenth. And in celebration, 2008’s Juneteenth  Jamboree at 8 p.m. explains the history of blacks in Texas, and commemorates the namesake of the annual Alvin Patterson Battle of the Bands.

2009’s Juneteenth  Jamboree at 8:30 p.m. takes a moment to consider a song that is heard every year at this occasion, “The Negro National Anthem.” Also several young essay winners tell why Juneteenth is relevant today.

Big Bird and Elmo talk about A Capitol Fourth

Program: A Capitol Fourth
Date: July 4th
Time: 7 p.m.
Additional airdates: July 4 at 9:30 p.m.; July 5 at 10:30 p.m.

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jimmy Smits returns to host the biggest and brightest birthday party in the country. As a special treat for the entire family, Elmo, Big Bird, Coookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and more of the Sesame Street gang will be on hand to celebrate America’s 233rd birthday. The Muppets will perform a medley of patriotic favorites, as well as iconic songs that everyone knows and loves from 40 years of the breakthrough children’s television series, celebrating 40 years of fun and learning.

A reporter recently interviewed Elmo and Big Bird about celebrating America’s 233rd birthday listen here.

British dramas on KLRU

Two series will be absent from the KLRU schedule for the rest of June — Lark Rise to Candleford and Doc Martin.   Yet both series will return in the month of July.  In fact, KLRU will re-start each series.  So if you have not had a chance to see the characters from the very beginning, here’s your chance to see the very first episodes.

For Lark Rise to Candleford, you can see young Laura begin her new adventure.  Taking a job in the Post Office in Candleford, run by the mercurial Dorcas, Laura turns her back on her childhood hamlet to make her way in the world. With her loyalties divided, she must choose her own path to womanhood.

For Doc Martin, even though he is looking at a new beginning just like Laura, it’s a bit different for Martin.  As Martin moves in and meets the locals, he realizes that adjusting to village life is not going to be smooth sailing.

Lark Rise to Candleford and Doc Martin have started to grow on several of our viewers.  So give it a try when KLRUV starts the series from the beginning the weekend of July 11th.

Lark Rise to Candleford airs Saturdays at 8 pm starting July 11th and repeats on Sundays starting July 12 at 10 pm.

Doc Martin airs Sundays at 11 pm starting July 12th and repeats on Saturdays at 10 pm starting July 18th.

— Maria Rodriguez, KLRU’s Senior Vice President of Programming

KLRU introduces KLRU-Q

KLRU introduces a new channel KLRU-Q on July 1. KLRU-Q will be free for all of our viewers and include an eclectic mix of PBS programs and other shows not seen on KLRU.

KLRU-Q will replace Time Warner Cable’s KLRU2 and Grande Cable’s KLRU-G on those two cable providers. Effective June 22, KLRU-G will no longer be part of Grande’s channel offerings. On July 1, KLRU2 will no longer be part of Time Warner Cable’s offerings.

KLRU-Q will feature entertaining and inspiring shows about creative lifestyle, science, nature, history and more. Q will feature ‘blocks’ of programming throughout the day, with genres chosen specifically for the Austin audience. We’ll be bringing you more details on this in the next few weeks.

Over-the-air viewers can receive Q in addition to KLRU and KLRU Create for free. Grande and Time Warner will carry Q and KLRU Create in their digital tier.

Over the air Channels:
KLRU 18-1
KLRU Create 18-2
KLRU-Q 18-3

Grande Channels:
KLRU 9/309
KLRU Create 283 (Only available to digital cable subscribers)
KLRU-Q 284 (Only available to digital cable subscribers)

Time Warner Channels:

KLRU 9/1541
KLRU Create 1542 (Only available to digital cable subscribers)
KLRU-Q 20/255 (Only available to digital cable subscribers)

Highlights June 14 to June 20

Nature at 7 p.m. Sunday examines the extraordinary story of interspecies cooperation between killer whales and whalers in Australia as they joined in hunts for migrating baleen whales.

In his quest to solve his final case, Foyle must dig into one of the dirtiest secrets of the war and reveal truths the Allies would rather keep hidden on Masterpiece Mystery! Foyle’s War series V: All Clear at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Texas Monthly Talks with Jeffrey Toobin

Program: Texas Monthly Talks
Time: 7 p.m.
Date: Thursday, June 11
Also airs: Sunday, June 14, at 12:30 p.m.
Watch episodes online at klru.org/texasmonthlytalks or klru.tv

Legal Journalist Jeffrey Toobin from Texas Monthly Talks on Vimeo.

Sometimes you plan, and sometimes you get lucky. When we asked Jeffrey Toobin, the lawyer turned New Yorker writer and CNN senior legal analyst, to be a guest on this show, we had no idea that his time with us, during a long-planned trip to Austin, would coincide precisely with what can only be regarded as seismic news in his world: President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace retiring Justice David Souter on the United States Supreme Court. more