Technical difficulties

On behalf of all of us here at KLRU, we want to apologize to viewers for a series of technical errors that occurred on Thursday evening, May 14th.   We are still analyzing the issue, but it appears that a malfunction in the automation system led to several programs being cut off prematurely.  Unfortunately, among the affected programs was our own production of Ballet Austin’s Hamlet — a production we are very proud of and worked hard to ensure that the quality of the production reflected the high standards of Stephen Mills and Ballet Austin.

We have instituted back up measures that should prevent the problem from affecting programming while
we determine the cause of the problem.

Meanwhile, three more performances of Ballet Austin’s Hamlet have been scheduled:
May 24th at 4:30 pm,  following Live from Lincoln Center “NY City Ballet–Romeo & Juliet.”
June 4th, Thursday, at 8 pm
June 10th, Wednesday, at 7 pm

Again, we are very sorry for last night’s technical errors and we hope you tune into the rebroadcast of Hamlet.