Highlights 5/10 to 5/16

Nature at 7 p.m. Sunday follows the female loggerhead turtle as she makes the long journey from Mexico to Japan to lay eggs in the place she was born.

Masterpiece Mystery! at 8 p.m. Sunday presents the three part series of “Wallander,” which tracks the scruffy Swedish Inspector Kurt Wallander as he goes after the growing crime affecting contemporary Sweden.

“We Shall Remain” at 8 p.m. Monday recounts the gripping account of the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973, as American Indian Movement activists demanded a redress for grievances, some more than 100 years old.

Nova at 7 p.m. Tuesday examines the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia, as it disintegrated over Texas just 16 minutes before it was due to land.

Frontline at 8 p.m. Tuesday unravels the story behind Bernard Madoff, and a deception that lasted longer, reached wider and cut deeper than any other business scandal in history.

Setting out to examine the decades-long cycle of social deterioration that led to the rise of the violent gang culture in Los Angeles, Independent Lens at 9 p.m. Tuesday is a sociological and psychological exploration and history of the Crips and Bloods.

Secrets of the Dead at 7 p.m. Wednesday and 9 p.m. Friday looks at the life of Michelangelo and his brave religious expression, personal vendettas and careful cover ups while trying to find his own road to salvation.

WW II Behind Closed Doors at 8 p.m. Wednesday goes back to 1942, when Stalin finally came face-to-face in Moscow with Churchill.

Acclaimed tunesmiths Lyle Lovett and his friends John Hiatt, Guy Clark and Joe Ely join together for this songwriters special of Austin City Limits at 10 p.m. Wednesday and 11 p.m. Friday.

Historian Douglas Brinkley, described as “the best of the new generation of American historians” by Stephen Ambrose, discusses his newest book on Texas Monthly Talks at 7 p.m.

Docubloggers at 7:30 p.m. Thursday visits the Austin Zoo, a nonprofit that rescues animals of all kinds located in the Texas hill country.

In Context at 8 p.m. Thursday presents Ballet Austin’s “Hamlet.”

Kentucky’s indie rock heroes My Morning Jacket return to the stage to showcase their latest album “Evil Urges” in Austin City Limits at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer bring their beloved television characters Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle back to life in this As Time Goes By special at 9 p.m. Saturday.