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Whenever I tag promos at KLRU, Frontline is always a show that stands out to me.  They always have topics relevant to today’s world.  Whether its social changes in China, the 2008 election, Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela or the struggle to maintain America’s retirement funds, Frontline always has the latest and greatest information.  As I’ve said in previous blog posts, I do not have much time to watch television, so the internet is a resource I frequently use to keep up to date with the times.
One advantage of Frontline’s website is that you can watch many of their previous episodes via video stream.  This past holiday weekend, I took the time to watch parts of “The Hugo Chavez Show,” “Young and Restless in China” and “Can You Afford to Retire?”  All three of these were extremely informative and spun in an interesting way.  I am often times bored when learning things in a classroom setting but watching Frontline was much different; I was completely engaged and not once did I have the all too familiar feeling of “I rather be sleeping then learn about this nonsense.”  The material presented by Frontline is relevant to my life whether or not I want to admit it.  Every episode I watched was about an upcoming issue of the twenty-first century; it is only a matter of time until I have to either do something directly related to these issues or vote for a candidate who vows to do so him or herself.

– Jared Kastriner

About the reviewer: Jared works in KLRU’s onair marketing department helping create the promos viewers see between programs. He is a business major at the University of Texas.