KLRU Behind-the-Scenes

Meet the people who make some of KLRU’s most popular local shows happen during the Texas Book Festival this weekend. KLRU producers will be at the KLRU booth in the exhibitor’s area of the Texas Book Festival at the Capitol all day Saturday, Nov. 1. Here’s your chance to chat with the people who make KLRU’s award winning TV.

Here’s the schedule for the day:
9 a.m. :: Linda Lehmusvirta producer of Central Texas Gardener
10 a.m. :: Dutch Rall producer of In Context
11 a.m. :: Elena Ramirez KLRU producer
noon :: Lynn Boswell producer of Texas Monthly Talks
1 p.m. :: JJ Weber Broadcast Operations Manager
2 p.m. :: Domenique Bellavia producer of Docubloggers
3 p.m. :: Sean Cunningham producer of Docubloggers