New Kids Lineup on KLRU

On September 1st, KLRU will be adjusting the Kids programming blocks on all our channels to add new shows and to reflect other changes by PBS. With the new KLRU lineup, Mr. Rogers will only air once a week at 7 a.m. on Fridays and The Teletubbies will no longer be offered by PBS so will not be part of the KLRU Kids lineup. KLRU is providing several new kids shows for Central Texas kids including including Martha Speaks, Sid the Science Kid and Wunderkind Little Amadeus.
sid the kid

5 — From the Top (Tue)

5:30 — It’s A Big Big World (Sat)

6 — Caillou (Sun) Curious George (Sat)

6:30 — Berenstain Bears (Sun) Reading Rainbow (Mon to Fri) Bob the Builder (Sat)

7 — Sesame Street (Sun) Mama Mirabel’s (Mon)Zoboomafoo (Tue) Plaza Sesamo (Wed) Franny’s Feet (Thur) Mr. Rogers (starts Sept. 12) (Fri) Thomas & Friends (Sat)

7:30 — Wunderkind Little Amadeus (Mon) Signing Time (Tue & Thur) Biscuit Brothers (Wed) Biscuit Brothers (Fri) Sid the Science Kid (Sat)

8 — Curious George (Mon to Fri) Biscuit Brothers (Sat)

8:30 — Sid the Science Kid (Mon to Fri) Martha Speaks (Sat)

9 — Super Why (Mon to Fri) Design Squad (Sat)

9:30 — Clifford (Mon to Fri)

10 — Dragon Tales (Mon to Fri)

10:30 — Word World (Mon to Fri)

11 — Sesame Street (Mon to Fri)

noon — It’s A Big Big World (Mon to Fri)

12:30 — Barney & Friends (Mon to Fri)

1 — A Place of Our Own (Mon to Fri)

1:30 — Los Niños En Su Casa (Mon to Fri)

2 — Between the Lions (Mon to Fri)

2:30 — Martha Speaks (Mon to Fri)

3 — Arthur (Mon to Fri)

3:30 — From the Top (Mon) Animalia (Tue) DragonFly TV (Wed) Wishbone (Thur) Saddle Club (Fri)
4 — Maya & Miguel (Mon to Thur) Word Girl (Fri)

4:30 — Cyberchase (Mon to Thur) Design Squad (Fri)

5 — Fetch (Mon to Thur) Biz Kid$ (Fri)