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Hot Button Issues

Culture Wars

Photo: American flag hangs in front of a church Find out more about those who are fighting to keep church and state separate and those who believe religion and morality should play a bigger role in government.
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Environment and Health

Photo: industrial smokestacks Learn about local groups working to raise awareness of the impact of the environment on health.
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Austin's political divide

Photo: a mother and her son Meet a "red" family and a "blue" family in Austin, illustrating divides occur not only between states, but within communities.
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Undocumented Workers

Art: mural of farmer Explore the lives of Austin's undocumented workers, and learn how much our economy depends on their services.
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Katrina Follow-Up

Art: mural of farmer Austin Now presents the highlights of last fall's town hall discussion and explores some of the issues raised in our studios.
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A Tale of Two Independents

Photo: the independent candidates 2006 is an unusual election year in Texas, with two well-known figures running for Governor as independents: Carole Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman.
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Old Fuel, New Future

Photo: Coal-burning facility Coal power is not new to Central Texas, but new coal-powered electric generation plants are on the horizon.

aired April 21, 2006
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APD Brutality

Photo: Austin Police patch

Some Austinites feel that the Austin Police unfairly target minorities in the use of force, while others believe the police are simply doing what their jobs require.

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Gay Marriage

Photo: the Langsley/Wilcox family Austin Now takes a personal look at gay marriage with Karen Langsley and Jill Wilcox, a lesbian couple raising their two children in Dripping Springs.
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A Soldier's Story

Photo: Sgt. Henry Ybarra III The family of Sgt. Henry Ybarra III reflects on his life and the sacrifice he made in Iraq.
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Hurricane Katrina Town Meeting

Photo: Sgt. Henry Ybarra III Follow one New Orleans family as they try to establish themselves in Austin: finding housing, getting children in school, and meeting other social-service needs.
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