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February 16:
feeding the dog
Any pet owner can tell you that animals have distinct personalities and styles, but until recently, the acknowledgement of personality in animals was a scientific taboo. Austin Now takes a look at groundbreaking research at the University of Texas’s Animal Personality Institute, where the study of personality in the animal kingdom has implications for the welfare of humans and animals alike.

February 23:
new building at E. 20th St.
Today the pressure of gentrification is bearing down on East Austin like never before. Will the future East Austin remain a true home to non-whites, thrown against the pressure of rising property values and development?

Photo: Kirk Watson  
“Austin Now helps remind us of why we first fell in love with Austin and, even if we've been here many years, why we still love Austin now. It connects us, in a typically Austin way, to the rest of our Austin family.”
--former Austin Mayor Kirk Watson


March 9:
It's the final episode of Austin Now. Tom Spencer takes a look back at memorable shows from the archives. Plus viewers get a sneak peek at a new series beginning this Fall: Docubloggers.