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Local retirement community is home to Austin's leaders.

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Westminster Manor is where some of the biggest names in Austin's history go when they retire.

"We have great people here," says Margaret Berry, known as the officialhistorian of The University of Texas at Austin and a Westminster resident. Photo: Jacques Productions"We have former congressmen. We have former senators and members of the House of Representatives. We have former judges, lawyers, professors, deans, a university president. We have four people for whom schools are named here in Austin. Icould go on and on. It's remarkable, and we're all good friends. Once you get here, this becomes a family."

Austin's leaders often choose to retire at Westminster because it puts them in such great company.

"[My wife and I] sort of came home when we came to Westminster Manor," says resident Willie Kocurek. "I think Westminster is kind of the glory road, if you please. It's finding your way in the latter part of life. For example, I'm 93. [my wife] Maurine's just a kid -- she's only 91, but we are up and at 'em and still alive and kicking, and that is so great to be here at Westminster Manor becausea lot of the people here are great to visit with and enjoy, and they have stories to tell, if you can drag it out of them. They're great."

For many residents, Westminster Manor was the only logical choice for their retirement.

"Westminster, though it's a big place, is still your home. In my case, I sold my home, my properties, and this is my home. I'm close to home, close to friends, and that's why I've come to Westminister. The people I've known -- the people I've grown up with and worked with for nearly 40 years of pubic service life, all my lifelong friends. It was just natural. I didn't think of checking places."

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