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Spirituality takes center stage in new Austin Now series

"True religion is the life we live, not the creed we profess." - J.F. Wright

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi

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"Soul of the Garden" is a special series produced by KLRU-TV Producer and Host Tom Spencer, whois also known for his web site www.soulofthegarden.com. In this series Spencer explores spirituality from a very personal perspective--the sense of wonder and solace so many of us feel when we encounter the beauty of the natural world--and viewers are introduced to ideas and individuals who have helped shape his own spiritual practice.

Episodes include:

  • "Mystery" deals with the tensions between our longing for certainty and the profound mysteries that surround us;
  • "Paying Attention" was inspired by the Mary Oliver poem, "The Summer Day," which explores what is perhaps the most important spiritual practice--bringing attention or "mindfulness" into our day-to-day experiences;
  • "Communion" explores the shared nature of the spiritual journey.
  • "The Path of Practice" which calls viewers to live the spirituality they profess.
  • "Gratitide" examines gratitude as the destination of the spiritual journey.

Among the religious and spiritual leaders who are featured in the series are: Patty Speier, Exective Director of The Seton Cove; Hazzan Neil Blumofe, cantor from Congregation Agudas Achim; Rev. Greg Rickel from St. James Episcopal Church; Professor; T. Flint Sparks, a Zen Buddhist Priest at the Austin Zen Center, and Phd. therapist; and Rev. Sid Hall from Trinity United Methodist Church.

The series also features some of the same quotes and poetry used by Spencer on his website www.soulofthegarden.com.

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Photp: monkSoul of the Garden is Tom Spencer's web site where he explores the connection between the natural world, gardening and spirituality. You will find many of the poems and quotes used in the Austin Now "Reflections" series on his website.

The Seton Cove is an interfaith spirituality center created in 1995 to be a place of hospitality and solace for people seeking to integrate spirituality more fully into their daily lives.

Trinity United Methodist Church is the Church of Rev. Sid Hall who is featured in the "Reflections" series.

Temple Agudas Achim, where Hazzan (Cantor) Neil Blumofe practices his art.

St. James Episcopal Church, church of Rev. Greg Rickel.

Photo: Soul of the Garden DVD

The Austin Zen Center

T. Flint Sparks


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The Soul of the Garden video series was made possible by a generous gift from KLRU supporter, Douglas Drane.

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