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Photo: Sodalites Team
Photo: Sodalites work
Photo: Sodalites work
Photo: Sodalites work

Three friends collaborate to create art in East Austin

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In East Austin a collaborative process has developed between three friends who work together on all of their pieces.

"I can look at any piece and see 15 layers that were put on to it," said Jana Swec, co-founder of Sodalitas, which is Latin for fellowship. "Every layer we were all apart of it."

For most artists, changing each others work, would be an impossible situation but this trio is committed to working on all of their work together.

"I felt like I was getting wrapped in to one style or one means of expression," said Joe Phillips, co-founder of Sodalitas. "When we started doing the collaboration it was like a breath of fresh air."

All three said it is difficult especially when somene paints over your work but it has provided them with a creative spark. And it isn't easy they argue often about the direction of their work.

"We fight about everything from colors to imagery to why we're doing it, anything you can think about," said Phillips.

"Our arguments typically are solely based around the heart," said Shea Little, co-founder of Sodalitas. "But as frustrating as they are, they are helpful."

The trio had their first show in December 2003 and decided to keep working together.

"It's a little tricky but we're definitely figuring out ways to make it easier," said Swec.

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