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Hurricane Katrina Town Meeting

The Katrina special was an hour-long exploration of Austin's response to Hurricane Katrina. We presented three documentary pieces all following the same New Orleans family as they tried to establish themselves in Austin. The pieces explore how they were able to find housing, get their children in school, and meet other social-service needs. In the pieces we meet a few of the hundreds of Austinites who worked at the Convention Center and other venues to help the evacuees.

In addition to the documentary pieces, the program also included three in-studio interview featuring Austin Mayor Will Wynn and others who updated viewers on the on-going effort to meet the needs of the Katrina evacuees who are still in our city.

View the documentary series:


Find out how one family satisfied their child's interest in learning at an Austin magnet school.

<<view clip (modem)
<<view clip (high speed)




Austin job assistance programs have federal money to help evacuees.

<<view clip (modem)
<<view clip (high speed)


Find out what area non-profits are doing to house evacuees.

<<view clip (modem)
<<view clip (high speed)


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