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East Austin Studio Tour

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The East Austin Studio tour has become quite the exploration for people who want to learn about Austin's local artists. Austin's East side has become a haven for artists, and E.A.S.T. gives people a chance to tour their favorite artist studio, look at projects in progress, and talk with the artist. The collaborative, Sodalitas, who consist of Joseph Phillips, Jana Swec, and Shea Little, first organized the tour in 2003. Joseph says, "I think all three of us see the studio tour as kind of one extension of the artwork that we do. We are a collaborative group and much of what we do is about building relationships about people and communicationPhoto: decorated vases and being connected." The tour also gives people the chance to discover some of East Austin's hidden treasures. Dandy, an E.A.S.T. attendee comments, "I love East Austin in general and just how much more it's becoming a part of the community. It's almost like you have another unique side of Austin over here on the East and a lot of times a lot of people forget what is actually over here. I love East Austin."

The East Austin Studio Tour occurs annually for one weekend in November. There are catalogues and maps available for the public. Jana comments, "The city of Austin and the Texas Commission for the Arts has given a grant for the last two E.A.S.T.s' which has helped out enormously. We were able to print nicer catalogues and get more advertising, and get more radio spots so we owe a big thanks to them."

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