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AISD Crockett High School Media Arts Program

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AISD Crockett High Media Arts Program is a great resource for students to learn the ropes around television and film production. Surprisingly, when instructor Brian Kennedy first decided to teach the class in 2003, he had to learn the essentials of editing and operating a camera. Kennedy recalls, "I think that is how I learned--was by doing it and then going back and doing the research by myself. Even as a teacher, you constantly have to learn and so I've put myself through a self-taught masters program."

The class remodeled some storage rooms behind the Crockett High library. They now have a production studio, edit suite, and classroom. Brian's media arts program offers television production courses that teaches Photo: Brian Kennedystudents to meet deadlines for morning newscasts and a weekly comedy sketch show called Front Row. Students are responsible for all elements involved in pre and post-production. They also have the choice of working in front of the camera or more behind the scenes. Senior Gordon Chandler describes, "Personally, I'm a hands-on learner, so I don't really get to have experience unless I'm working with the camera or editing on a computer, and a lot of the broadcasting classes that I've been through here at Crockett have been hands on."

Photo: student directorKennedy also offers a film production class, which allows students to make short films, some of which have been accepted to SXSW. In 2006, Joel Farris' short film, The Applican't, was accepted. Kennedy is very supportive of his student filmmakers, but he emphasizes that he does not micromanage their efforts. Kennedy explains, "One of the things I don't do is get my hands involved in the project. I know in a lot of schools, the kid and teacher will collaborate on the project. Our kids are at the level now where they can do it on their own."

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