Sky Candy

January 31, 2013

Arts In Context takes you inside the latest production from Austin based aerialist group Sky Candy. What began in July of 2010 as a group of experienced aerialists who wanted to share the love of their circus art with Austin, Texas, has grown to be a strong and popular organization. This year’s production is based on the novel Land Without Evil by Matthew J. Pallamary, which tells the tale of the physical and spiritual journey a Guarani Indian man undertakes in order to lead his people to a mythical place of peace. With assistance from Agent Red, a highly esteemed choreographer, Sky Candy puts on a production that is both visually and conceptually stunning by interlacing emotional scenes with ethereally beautiful and athletically challenging aerial acrobatics. From script to opening night, Arts in Context will examine what it means to be part of this small but dedicated group of performers, examining the challenges and rewards its members experience.

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