Nov 28, 2013

Allison Orr has choreographed for firefighters, Venetian gondoliers, sanitation workers, and Elvis impersonators. Now her eye for extracting the beauty and artistry of the everyday is  extending to the employees and machinery of Austin Energy. Allison Orr is as much an anthropologist as a choreographer. For nearly two years, she has been shadowing and observing the technicians and linemen of Austin Energy trying to find the snippets of unseen poetry in- motion that fill their everyday lives. “I find my inspiration in watching people who are experts in what they do,” she says. “There’s habitual movement in their expertise that’s almost virtuosic in nature—it can offer a look into their lives and who they are as individuals.” PowerUP—a performance featuring the employees and machinery of Austin Energy, performed to an original score by Graham Reynolds and accompanied by a live string orchestra led by Austin Symphony Conductor Peter Bay will feature 50+ linemen and electrical technicians, bucket trucks, cranes and field trucks, a set of 25 utility poles, and an audience of over 6,000 people.

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