Old School

October 11, 2012

When doing things the “old way,” attention to detail comes to mind; a concept quite familiar to these artists. Patricia Harding creates magnificent egg artwork inspired from the 180 birds that roam her property. Bejeweled, intricately cut and even moving creations exist in her collection. Martin Greenfield is the epitome of a master tailor. After coming to America in 1947 after the Holocaust, he worked his way up from the bottom of the factory, to becoming the man that suits presidents. Seti carlo is one of the last standing mask makers in Venice. His attention to detail extends beyond mastering the actor’s face, and on to the method behind the finished product. Dr. Carolyn e boyd. The S.H.U.M.L.A. school takes an in-depth look at how Texans from thousands of years ago used art as part of their everyday lives.

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