Metal and Rust

October 11, 2012

One man’s trash can be an artist’s treasure, and the works featured are made up of found materials either discarded or assigned for only certain purposes. Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo is a line of several old Cadillacs, all standing vertically, as half of the car is submerged underground. The cars are covered with paint, and observers can add their own decorative touch to this large scale outdoor installation. In New York the only museum done completely (designed, curated, funded, exhibited works) by a living artist is the Noguchi Museum. Its deliberately serene atmosphere allows the rare experience of enjoying art by yourself. Catherine Lee didn’t know she’d grow up to be an artist, but with some European inspiration she found herself working with essential materials and fulfilling her need to “make.” Childhood inspiration also struck Sayaka Gans, as she uses her same love for solving jigsaw puzzles to piece together beautiful works from what others might consider junk.

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