2013 Lone Star Emmy Award Winner

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Tiny Puppets

Thursday, August 28, 7:30pm

Once There Were Six Seasons is a new work by Glass Half Full Theatre that uses puppetry and physical theatre to addresses the impact of climate change on traditional farming societies around the world.

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Wilderness Lake

Set against the stunning backdrop of Laguna Gloria, R. Murray Schafer’s Music for Wilderness Lake is a contemplative experience that combines a natural soundscape with haunting music.

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Activism Like a Punk

At the intersection of punk music, politics, and DIY artists lies the Combating Latent Inequality Together (C.L.I.T.) Fest.

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Beautiful Fences

In order to beautify the neighborhood and build community, artists and citizens in north Austin collaborate to paint a long row of unassuming fences amidst Lamar’s rush of traffic.