Community Advisory Board

KLRU Community Advisory Board

KLRU is a community-licensed station managed by a Board of Directors. Further community input comes to the station through our Community Advisory Board.

We’re accepting nominations for new Community Advisory Board Members through April 6, 2015. Apply online.

Meetings are the third Wednesday of the Month every 3 months. All meetings are at KLRU (unless otherwise noted) and start at 5:30 p.m.

November 19, 2014
February 18, 2015
May 20, 2015
August 19, 2015

KLRU Community Advisory Board Members 2014-2015

Chair: Pamela Cosel
Chair Elect: Blender Hill
Secretary: Judy Cortez
Maureen Adair
Mary Bell
Tricia Berry
Judy Cortez
Pamela Cosel
Alicia Dean
Philip Eaglin
Amy Everhart
Emafely Garcia
Travis Gilpin
Blender Hill
Kalinda Howe
Nora Keane
Kathy Keller
Katie King
Katie Kizziar
Sonia Kotecha
George Luc
Brion Oaks
Gabriel Ornelas
Angela Plunkett
Celeste Quesada
Mando Rayo
Nakia Reynoso
Paul B. Rhea
Dr. Mario Sanchez
Jeannette Scott
Dustin Tahmahkera
Carol Wagner
Monica Maldonado Williams

KLRU Members
Bill Stotesbery, CEO and GM
Maury Sullivan, Sr. VP – Community Engagement

community advisory board meeting

About the CAB

The KLRU Community Advisory Board is composed of up to 30 individuals who reflect the diverse interests, concerns, organizations, issues and populations of the Central Texas community. The CAB helps guide KLRU in a variety of ways. Membership in the CAB is open to anyone who lives in the designated market area for KLRU and who has demonstrated an interest in KLRU. Members are selected by the existing CAB after being nominated by the staff, or the CAB, or they may nominate themselves. The role of the CAB is to provide a link between the community-at-large and the staff of KLRU. Members elected to the CAB commit to serve a two-year term.

The duties of the CAB are:

  • Act as a liaison between KLRU and the community.
  • Raise community awareness about KLRU, its programming and its services.
  • Advise KLRU on issues of importance in the community where KLRU may have an impact.
  • Encourage community involvement in KLRU projects, activities.
  • Ensure that the content of the programming reflects the community.


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